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The Monkey Collection

A series of whimsical patterns with satirical monkeys, inspired by the singeries, or monkeys in costume of the 1700’s.  This playful group of 12 can be defined by their particular activities. Standard Colors for the monkey collection are blue or pink.

Sporting Monkeys are named and dressed for the game, showing Ace playing tennis; Skiing features Piste; Golf has Reginald and finally Horse Racing features Beecher.

Playful Monkeys are engaged in the activities of sunbathing, dancing, eating and gardening, these four monkeys have names that match their characters.  Sunbathing – Clement;   Dancing – Candace; snacking with Fife who is named after a banana; and Gardening with Judge Wiggly.

Musical Monkeys come together as a quartet of exceptional versatility occasionally accompanied by a nomadic drummer called Sticks.   On piano is Sam; on the Fiddle is Fret; Horatio plays the French horn and Pepes stars on the Flute.

All patterns come as standard in two recomended colours, however any colour may be requested, there is a small charge for this custom request.

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