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Deborah Sears founded Isis Ceramics, when inspired by her own collection of 17th and 18th century English Delftware; she wanted to see the mark of the painters hand rather than the stamp of mass production. Highly collectable, each Isis Ceramics piece is hand-painted and hand made by skilled artists in Horton-Cum-Studley near Oxford, England, with the genuine colours of the past she creates wonderful pieces for today and designs ceramics that look sensational in either a traditional or contemporay setting. The Isis range includes an extensive choice of giftware, dinnerware and lighting. Each Isis Ceramic shape can be hand decorated in a choice of nine signature patterns. Each signature patterns is available in two standard colours, blue and one other. Please see the pattern guide for details of those combinations available as standard. If a nonstandard colour combination is required then there is a slight price increase. Alternatively a piece can be created especially for you. To commission your piece, please see our Bespoke section.

Deborah is also proud to offer custom-made dinner services. Each plate, bowl, tureen or serving dish can be individually inscribed and designed with the painting of a significant building, place or memory. Using your pictures and personal consultations, Deborah will produce a treasured table setting that will be loved now and by generations to follow. To commission your piece, please see our Bespoke section.

Isis Ceramics are to be found in many private collections, and in England, are on show at Blenheim Palace, Castle Howard and Highgrove, the country home of the Prince of Wales.

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